EPISODE 1 | Trailer - 我是谁?为什么我要做这个podcast?

瞎扯学中文 Convo Chinese

Apr 27 2021 • 3 mins

Hello大家好!欢迎大家来到我们瞎扯学中文的podcast第一期,那也是我们 podcast的一个小小的Trailer。

我的名字叫Joanne,我也有很多朋友叫我囧安。囧安是我的英语名字Joanne的一个中文音译。我创造 podcast的初衷是希望给中等水平左右的中文学习的学习者、外国朋友们,一个比较自然的日常对话,这么一个语言学习环境。





所以我就想这个也不是特别困难,我也是第一次入门做 podcast,但是我自己认为我的普通话说的还是比较标准的。我觉得我可以抽一些时间,每周或者每个月至少更新几次,希望我的宏图伟志不要半途而废。



Hello everyone! Welcome everyone to the first issue of our podcast about learning Chinese. It is also a little Trailer of our podcast.

My name is Joanne, and many of my friends call me 囧安. 囧安 is a Chinese translation of the pronounciation of my English name Joanne. My original intention for creating podcasts was to provide a more natural daily conversation and a language learning environment for middle-level Chinese learners and my foreign friends.

I myself have learned a lot of languages, and I am a lover of language learning. I probably started learning English when I was in elementary school, then I learned Spanish seven or eight years ago, I learned German more than a year ago, and now I am learning French.

I also have some experience in learning languages. I also know many friends around me who are learning Chinese. Everyone says that Chinese is difficult to learn, especially the pronunciation and intonation, and the writing of Chinese characters is also very difficult. But I feel that if I learn a lot of languages, the skills and experience are ultimately the same, and I need to immerse myself in the learning environment of the target language.

For myself, one thing I think is very useful is listening to podcasts, especially listening to the podcast for a long time like 30 to 40 minutes, and it is natural daily communication and dialogue. In this way, it is more helpful to be able to learn more natural and true everyday language, and it will not sound too boring.

So in the process of my own language learning for German and French, I also listened to podcasts of 30 to 40 minutes long daily dialogue and communication. It is very helpful to improve my language level. However, many of my foreign friends who are studying Chinese told me that there is no such podcast in the Chinese market. So I think this is not particularly difficult. I am also doing podcasts for the first time, but I think my Mandarin is relatively standard. I think I can take some time to update at least a few times a week or a month. I hope that my grand vision will not be abandoned halfway.

So today I am just recording a short trailer. In the next issue, I will invite a friend to talk to me about the trivial things in life. Whether it is the confusion or happiness in our daily life, or maybe talking about current affairs, news or politics. All these are possible. My goal is to create a very natural and interesting language learning environment for everyone.

That's it, we will see you in the next official show!

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