Why More Int'l Companies are Partnering with Malaysia

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Jan 28 2024 • 26 mins

A growing number of companies are looking for new supply chain opportunities.

In some cases, they are looking for new capabilities.  Others are targeting risk reduction.  And of course, there’s the ongoing demand for better prices.

One of the fastest developing links in the global supply chain is Southeast Asia.

The region originally was just another source of cheap labor and in some cases raw materials.

That’s changed as more nations are moving up the value chain.

Yet often we’re not aware of these changes since typically they happen gradually, over time.

Today we are joined by Yazrin Syakhairi Mahlan, Consulate General of Malaysia in Hong Kong.

At the forefront of the development in Southeast Asia is Malaysia, a nation whose 33 million well educated, highly skilled and innovative people are quietly making big contributions to the global supply chain - particularly in electronics, engineering and finance - as well as other sectors.

The country’s infrastructure investment is playing a vital role in supporting its people and businesses in competing on a the world stage.

Today, Yazrin will be discussing:

- Malaysia’s unique role in the regional and global supply chain.
- Key opportunities for international businesses to collaborate with Malaysian companies.
- How Malaysia is positioning itself for the future.


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