Why Organizations Now Need Generalists

A SEAT at THE TABLE: Conversations with Today's Top Industry Leaders

Mar 25 2024 • 32 mins

After decades of being counseled to become specialists - to find our niche - to be known as an expert in a specific field - it seems now the pendulum might be shifting in the opposite direction.

Are we at the cusp of a new era that favors generalists?

And if so, why the change?

And just as importantly, we do we need to do to get ahead of the curve?

Today we are joined by Ed Fidoe, founder and CEO of the London Interdisciplinary School, which offers an innovative, interdisciplinary curriculum focused on tackling complex global issues.

He believes that the future of work demands leaders who can navigate a complex, interconnected world, where traditional leadership is often blind to its own limitations due to over-reliance on specialised knowledge.

In this episode Ed will explore why leaders need to embrace interdisciplinary thinking to anticipate and adapt to the next big shifts.

He’ll be discussing:

- Why organizations now need generalists, particularly in leadership roles.

- Balancing the benefits of breadth of knowledge with the advantages of depth of knowledge.

- The new role of libraries in supporting less siloed education.


Connect with Ed Fidoe on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ed-fidoe/

London Interdisciplinary School website: https://www.lis.ac.uk/

Asianet Consultants website: https://asianetconsultants.com

Podcast Course: https://seat.fm/podcastcourse

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