How To Successfully Source in India

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Jan 14 2024 • 46 mins

Suddenly everyone is talking about India.  And if you are working in India - or thinking of doing so - then this is episode is for you!

After years of being in the shadows of China, Vietnam, Bangladesh and other key sourcing nations, India is finally taking center stage.

India has always had the right stuff - a huge population, domestic cotton, a strong textile sector for yarns and fabrics and of course a legacy in apparel manufacturing.  However, the nation hasn’t been able to pull all that together at a level that would get not just attention, but commitments from top international brands.

That is, until now.

Today we are joined by Dr. Stephen Patton, South Asia Director for Liverpool Department Store, Mexico’s top department store.

Stephen spent seven and a half years establishing his company’s massively successful China office - and leading that office through the pandemic.  In mid 2022, he moved to India to start building a comprehensive sourcing office for Liverpool there.

One of Stephen’s zone’s of genius is his ability to see beyond the obvious.  To understand market opportunities that many others overlook.  And to have the strength to patiently pursue goals.

Even at only a year and half in, Stephen has already achieved impressive growth in setting up an India-based sourcing operation that is developing competitive new products for Liverpool.

In this episode, Stephen will be discussing:

- What he’s learned about how to effectively work in India.
- The timelines and benchmarks that you need to understand when sourcing in India.
- Sourcing opportunities in India that you won’t find anywhere else.


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