S3-10: Jeanette Caines, The Deep Bench of a Master Goldsmith

For the Love of Jewelers: A Jewelry Journey Podcast Presented by Rio Grande

Oct 26 2022 • 1 hr 11 mins

Jeanette Caines, director of Jewelry Arts, Inc. in New York City shares her secret to becoming a renowned master goldsmith. “Once you learn to control the flame (…), that's your universe. You can control anything,” she says. Her bench of knowledge is deep—beyond her well-documented expertise in ancient jewelry-making techniques. Jeanette authored #1 Best Seller and a #1 New Release, Soldering Demystified, and is working on publishing a second work, Bezel Settings Demystified. She has designed gemstone-setting tools and created a breadth of free YouTube tutorials. “You want to change the world? Teach!” she says. Imparting her decades-long exploration of gold, soldering and granulation, Jeanette offers wisdom, skill and insight in this lively For the Love of Jewelers podcast episode with host Courtney Gray.

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