Years of Time, Talent and Treasure

The Secular Foxhole

Sep 16 2022 • 31 mins

We are entering the third year of production, talking about news, the upcoming International Podcast Day on September 30, and the value for value model. You will hear stories about Trudeau in Canada, banks and car loans in Australia, and issues of neutrality and heating in Switzerland. We wrap-up the show with a (feedback loop) on boostagrams and how to earn, send and stream Satoshis. Call-to-Action: After you have listened to this episode, add your $0.02 (two cents) to the conversation, by joining (for free) (The Secular Foxhole Town Hall). Feel free to introduce yourself to the other members, discuss the different episodes, give us constructive feedback, or check out the virtual room, Speakers' Corner, and step up on the digital soapbox. Welcome to our new place in cyberspace! Show notes with links to articles, blog posts, products and services: (Amy Peikoff's news sandwich idea) (International Podcast Day) (Dave Lee) (Podcast Index Social) (EXCLUSIVE LEAK: Trudeau installing weapons armouries, interrogation rooms for Ministry of Climate Change) - The Counter Signal (Bank’s shock car loan announcement for customers) - The Australian Vinay on (GLOBAL IMPLICATIONS OF THE AUSTRALIAN FEDERAL ELECTION) (Sputnik (news agency)) (Fact check: will the Swiss be jailed for heating their homes above 19°C?) - SwissInfo dot ch (Those who cherish Swiss neutrality can kiss it goodbye. Now Switzerland Repositions as WW3 Combatant.) - Vision & Global Trends (N. Korean Debt to Sweden Remains Unpaid After Four Decades) - Voice of America (Superabundance book) (Robert Tracinski) (Russia Finally Admits Ukraine Can't Be Won) - Good Morning, Bad News (2022 New Hampshire Primary Election Results) (Tim Miller) - The Bulwark (Peter Thiel’s Handpicked Candidates Are Train Wrecks) - The New Republic (Value for Value manifesto) - Value 4 Value dot info (Kyrin Down) (Review of The Secular Foxhole podcast) - Value 4 Value podcast (5000 Satoshis to USD 1) - Currency World (Introducing SATurn: Value for Value podcast analytics) - Get Alby (Swan Bitcoin) (What Does It Mean To Orange-Pill Someone) - Bitcoin Magazine...