Interview with Chip Joyce

The Secular Foxhole

Nov 7 2021 • 41 mins

Martin and I talk with Chip Joyce, a self-described 'problem-solver.' We cover his two major projects. One about Heroism(TheHeroicYou.com) and his foray into education, called TalkaBook. Show notes with links to articles, blog posts, products and services: https://www.theheroicyou.com (The Heroic You) https://talkabook.com (Talkabook) https://gettingthingsdone.com/2010/01/the-key-to-innovation/#comment-1937 (A quote on innovation by David Allen - Getting Things Done) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gavin_de_Becker (Gavin de Becker) https://talkabook.com/creators/lee-wardlaw (Lee Wardlaw) https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/universal-knowledge-mining-trillion-dollar-industry-chip-joyce/?published=t (Universal Knowledge-Mining: a Trillion-Dollar Industry) Episode 34 (41 minutes) was recorded at 9 PM CET, on October 15, 2021, with https://ringr.com/ego (Ringr app).. Editing and post-production was done with the https://alitu.com/?fp_ref=egonetcast (podcast maker, Alitu). Support this podcast