Dr. Nancy Glass: Palliative Care, Pediatrics and Anesthesia

The Surgical Palliative Care Podcast

Sep 7 2020 • 32 mins

#018 - Join host Dr. Red Hoffman as she interviews Dr. Nancy Glass, who worked as a professor of both Anesthesiology and Pediatrics at Baylor College of Medicine as well as the Director of Pediatric Pain Management at Texas Children's Hospital.  She now is the Associate Medical Director of Houston Hospice.  Nancy was able to seamlessly integrate her training in pediatrics, pediatric critical care, pain management, anesthesiology and hospice and palliative medicine into the care of the some of the sickest children in the country.  She offers useful tips on how to speak to both sick children (and their parents) about death and dying and shares that children often know way more than we give them credit for.  She also talks about how to discuss code status with patients who are undergoing surgery and about the importance of surgeon-anesthesiologist communication to help provide the best patient care.  Lastly, she discusses her passion for narrative medicine and how it helps her to integrate her clinical experiences.

You can find Nancy's essay, What Did La Abuela See, here.
You can follow Nancy on Twitter @nancyglass1.

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