Few & Far Between

Chris O'Brien

Welcome to Few & Far Between! Chris O'Brien, CEO of Biorasi, is your host for conversations on the cutting edge - from clinical research and policymakers to rare disease advocates and industry leaders.

Episode 20: Professor Bertil E. Lindmark MD, PhD, Author and CMO at Galecto, Inc.Episode 19: Leslie Michelson, Founder and CEO, Private Health ManagementEpisode 18: Karen Petrou and David Brint - BioBondsEpisode 17: Amy Fenton Parker, President and CEO at Batten Disease Support and Research Organization (BDSRA)Episode 16: Dr. Alex Adjei, Scientific Advisory Board Member at BiorasiEpisode 15: Dr. Terry Jo Bichell, Founder and Director of COMBINEDBrainEpisode 14: Bo Bigelow, Chairman at the Foundation for USP7-Related Diseases, and Trish Flanagan, President at the Yellow Brick Road ProjectEpisode 13:  Kelly Franchetti RN, SVP, Global Head Patient Insights and Strategy at YPrimeEpisode 12: Effie Parks and Spela MirosevicEpisode 11:  Rebecca Stewart and Nicola Miller from Rare Revolution MagazineEpisode 10: Sharon Terry, CEO Genetic AllianceEpisode 9:  Zogenix, Inc.'s Dawn Blessing and J. Michael Graglia from SynGAPEpisode 8: David Rose, Rare Disease Speaker and AdvocateEpisode 7: US Congressman Gus BilirakisEpisode 6: Dr. Mehool Patel and Dr. Dilhan Weeraratne, IBM Watson HealthEpisode 5:  Will Maier, VP of Rare Disease, Drug Development Sciences at ICON plcEpisode 4:  Marianne Clancy, Executive Director at Cure HHTEpisode 3: Danielle Drayton, PhD, CEO of REACH Market ResearchEpisode 2: Julie Walters, Founder and Executive Director of Xperiome/RaremarkEpisode 1: Paula Evans, CEO and Co-Founder of GeneTx Biotherapeutics