Mission Ready

STARS Air Ambulance

Life-threatening illnesses and injuries can happen at the worst times and in the most challenging places. Sometimes STARS crews provide medical care in a ditch at the side of the road or breathe life into a heart attack patient inside a helicopter. Other times they respond with a stretcher deep in remote regions. Thousands of people every year rely on STARS for advanced critical care and direct transport to hospital. Join us for Mission Ready, a STARS podcast as we hear from the people and patients involved in these harrowing emergencies.

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Trailer: Mission Ready
Mar 1 2022
1 min
STARS OriginsEp 6: After the missionEp. 5: Who helps the helpers?Ep. 4: Bedside mannerEp. 3: Skids up to Nose MountainEp. 2: Mission acceptedEp. 1: Mauling on a mountaintopTrailer: Mission Ready