Autism Annex: The STAR Support Podcast

STAR Autism Support

Autism Annex explores current trends and issues in autism and other developmental disabilities. We bring stories and resources to teachers, administrators, parents, and families, presenting data and research as well as helpful and practical insights.

Social and Emotional Connections: Mental Health Insights with Dr. Matt LundebergBetter Hearing and Speech: Speech-Language Pathology and YouContinued Conversations with Adria NassimTeam Cash: The Power of SupportDisability Rights, Advocacy, and Inclusion: A Conversation with Adria NassimAutism and Mental Health: Making Connections for LifeExtraordinary RoutinesDiversity, Equity, and Inclusion for Social-Emotional LearningComprehensive Sexuality Education for Today's ClassroomFrank ConversationsLessons Learned: 2020-2021Making Links: Autism through AdolescenceInside STAR Autism Support