Getting a Design Job with no Experience


Sep 21 2020 • 34 mins

Design is a job...and to get a job you need some experience, but you can't get any meaningful experience without a job, right? It's the classic chicken and the egg story...but does it have to be so cut and dry? Can you get a job in design without a college degree? Can you pull together the knowledge and experience needed to get a job as a designer? Yes, yes you can.

It takes a plan to get educated and get experience, but that plan doesn't have involve costly college. You can create a path for learning that fits your needs and investment by creating a realistic timeline and smart investment into your education in design skills and business acument.

In this episode I break down a path for self-initiated education for anyone who wants to become a designer (Visua, Front-End, and UX). I talk about the following:

  • Setting a realistic timeline to learn
  • Learning the foundations and strategy, then learning the tools and tactics
  • Practical application by working with clients
  • Taking time to reset expectations and pivoting as needed
  • Creating case studies to show your work

While I mention a lot of learning platforms and tools, I don't advocate one over the other...your experience may vary (even with the bootcamps). I am also not sponsored by any of these companies either.