One on One with Charlie Harary-Episode 10-"The Last Dance" instructs on How we Should all be like Mike

Yeshiva of Newark Podcast

Jun 12 2020 • 20 mins

Charlie Harary internationally known investor, strategic adviser and professor and motivational speaker sits down when his schedule allows with Rabbi Kivelevitz to discuss the interface of Jewish values in the greater western World and a touch of sports.Rabbi Kivelevitz discusses with Charlie the important lessons he garnered from the ESPN production of the Last Dance.Charlie is an unapologetic sports fan, and beyond being an admirer of the greatness displayed in the series, he takes inspiration in the ways Micheal Jordon and others overcome adversity to become champions.He zeroes in on the key components that allow those at the top of their sport to rise above the limits of their bodily talent, and believes that they can be translated to any field.In an interesting twist of the phrase in the Zohar "Istakal Baraaisa Bara Alma",Charlie distills the positives of a world wide phenomena, and suceeds in melding the figure of the icon Micheal Jordan with the great heroes of Klal Yisroel.Rabbi Kivelevitz pushes back a bit on Charlie concerning the methods Jordon used to motivate, including dressing down and insulting team mates and wonders if the Bulls Superstar can indeed be a model for leadership. See for privacy and opt-out information. This podcast has been graciously sponsored by There is much overhead to maintain this service so please help us continue our goal of helping Jewish lecturers become podcasters and support us with a donation: