The Janine Bolon Show S2 Episode 7 with guests Felicia Farber & Kelly Alexander

The Janine Bolon Show

Feb 13 2022 • 50 mins

Sexting, Cyberbullying & the Great American Tax Remedy with Felicia Farber & Kelly Alexander 02-13-2022


Felicia Farber is an award-winning author and attorney in North Jersey who regularly speaks and writes on the legal dangers of mixing the common teen behaviors of sexting and cyberbullying with social media  Her debut young adult romantic suspense novel Ice Queen has won 11 awards, including the First Place Young Adult 2020 Dante Rossetti Book Award, First Place Award for Best Young Adult Ebook from Story Monsters Ink, and the Silver Award for Best First Children’s/Young Adult Book by the Independent Book Publishers Association. (https://feliciafarber.com/)

Because our laws are outdated when it comes to teens, tweens and technology, Felicia wrote this book to make kids, parents, grandparents, educators, counselors and coaches aware of the social, emotional, and legal dangers faced by today’s adolescents. Minors who engage in sexting are at risk of prosecution every time they create, send or receive images or messages of a sexual nature since these electronic communications are viewed under most laws as child pornography. She feels strongly that: “We need to teach our youth the ramifications of their online actions before they get into trouble!

Felicia has been featured on numerous blogs and podcasts and has shared her expertise on electronic bullying and harassment to the legal, medical, and school communities. She has spoken at Monmouth University, Montclair State University, Rutgers New Jersey Medical School, Tenafly High School, the Wayne Township Public Library, the New Jersey State Bar Association, and several book clubs.

Aside from her passion for creative writing, Felicia is a full-time Attorney, Arbitrator and Mediator and holds many leadership roles in professional organizations and state and federal courts. In her “free” time she enjoys painting, reading, summer and winter sports, and sometimes even sleeping.

Felicia’s Social Media

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Twitter: https://twitter.com/feliciafarber

Kelly Alexander

Our Next Guest has sought answers to complex questions; she is driven to find alternative solutions and not settling for the ‘this is what we’ve always been taught’ status quo.

Whether it was being diagnosed with an ‘incurable’ disease at the age of 19—that she healed in 48 hours after a relapse, to uncovering the real intent of our Founding Fathers when it comes to taxation and keeping your hard-earned money,  Kelly Alexander has real answers to share. After more than a decade of research and practical application, Kelly is a leading expert in this field, helping people from many walks of life discover options they never knew they had. Once armed with the secrets Kelly has uncovered, ‘We the People’ can legally and ethically liberate ourselves from federal and state income taxes. The secret is buried in powerful, little-known banking laws. If you live in the United States legally, work in the private sector, and pay over 8K per year in income tax, you are a candidate for the Great American Tax Remedy.  (https://mytaxremedy.com/)

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