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Maurice Wingfield

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Start picking your battles
Jul 6 2021
Start picking your battles
Our first guest joins us from Kansas City Missouri. Arie Monroe is an artist and woman of color who has made her career in art by building a network of fans, clients and collectors. One of her paintings is currently on view at the Nelson Atkins Museum in Kansas City as a part of the exhibition called Testimony.Arie and Maurice discuss a range of topics focusing on the artists internal struggle to keep going through challenge and some of the surprising payoffs that consistency can bring us. Maurice talks about his experience writing his own story and the void he hopes to fill. Narrative is the operating system of the human beingArie’s portfolio page -’s art business page - on social:Instagram - - - - ‘Kill 6 Billion Demons’ - War for Rayuba - topics we discuss:Scott McCloud 24 Hr ComicDeadlines and time management“Start picking your battles”“Learn how to say no [to the work you don’t want to do]” Sketch cards & the collector market Go to Comic book shops & conventions to learn about collectors What is the value of art when consumption is increasingly digital? Does that make original work more valuable?Cartoon Art Museum - Will Eisner showWexner + Billy Ireland collection contains all of Joe Kubert school has an original illustration Frank Miller did for the Sin City book.Even in an age of digital consumption, physical artifacts have only gained in value.Hybrid production process: digital roughs and traditional finishing Frank & Ollie documentary: Disney studio animators from the ‘9 Old Men’.Send Arie a meme or kitty drawing in instagram