How to Become a Servant Leader: It's Not About You - Guest: John Shibley, Last in Line Leadership

The Redeemed Man

Sep 15 2022 • 36 mins

John Shibley joins The Redeemed Man podcast to discuss how to become a servant leader.  John Shibley is a leadership coach who is spreading the gospel of servant leadership through his podcast, writing, and ministry. Servant leadership means focusing less on one’s own power, influence, and accomplishments and instead prioritizing the growth and well-being of those being led—recognizing that we have just as much a responsibility to serve them as they have to serve us. And that’s not just a positive management technique, Shibley says, it’s walking in the footsteps of Jesus Himself, the greatest servant-leader who ever lived. “Maybe more people are trying to dig in and examine their spiritual side,” he suggests, “and maybe as they dig and understand who Jesus is a little more, they realize, ‘Wow, this was his model 2,000 years ago, what have we been doing this whole time?’ ”

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