Mina’s House Podcast

Mina SayWhat

Mina SayWhat is a Multi-Media Personality with over 10 years of broadcast experience ranging from television and radio to digital media. She currently hosts her ”Mina’s House Podcast” with co-hosts Shana B, Garnett Briscoe and Dexter Stuckey weekly on all major podcast platforms. The Mina’s House Podcast (MHP) started as an audio podcast in December of 2015 that was recorded in Mina SayWhat’s house. In 2020, the pod evolved into a visual podcast. Mina is the host and producer of the podcast. MHP can be watched on YouTube and heard on Pandora, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Amazon Alexa, Google Music and over 20 other distribution platforms. MHP features weekly “In Your Feed” stories and a conversation topic or an interview. ”In Your Feed” covers entertainment, sports, or news stories that are trending on social media. Follow us on social media @minashousepod read less