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Peak Prosperity - Chris Martenson

Featured voices on current and future economic and environmental events.

Addison Wiggin: We Can't Afford the Solutions Needed To Reverse Our DeclineArnie Gundersen: The Dangers of Fukushima Are Worse and Longer-lived Than We ThinkAxel Merk: Why Is Anyone Still Waiting to Sell the Dollar?Bill Fleckenstein: The Race To the Bottom Will Be Won By the DollarBud Conrad: Japan Is Forcing Us Out of the Eye and Into the StormCharles Hugh Smith: Why Local Enterprise Is The SolutionDan Ariely Decodes Why Humans Are Hard-Wired To InflateMapping The Fugly Future with David CollumDavid Morgan on Silver Price Manipulation, Delivery Default and Supply Shortage RisksNuclear Expert StepByStep Assessment of the Fukushima Disaster and What You Need to KnowEric Sprott - Paper Markets Are A Joke: Prepare for Bullion Prices to Go SupernovaArgentina: A Case Study in How An Economy CollapsesFrancis Koster: Finding Local Investments That Pay Off for You and Your CommunityGold Surging: Buy Mining Stocks? Not So Fast, Says Frank BarberaJames Turk: Gold Is Our Defense Against the Fiat Currency GraveyardJim Rogers: Why Inflation is Raging WorldwideJoe Saluzzi on High-Frequency Trading: The Equity Market Is Now Controlled By The MachinesJoel Salatin: How to Prepare for A Future Increasingly Defined By Localized Food and EnergyJohn Rubino: Get Ready For Accelerating Devaluation of All Fiat CurrenciesShadowStats' John Williams Explains Why It's All Been Downhill Since 1973