The Golden Key with Alex Cardona

Alex Cardona

This show focuses on the "why's" of being an entrepreneur. With an eye on the bigger picture and another on the here and now, Alex will feature great guests who share their passions and purpose for why and how they succeed and stories of Faith and Perseverance.

A Guide To Gratitude - Guest: Jonathan Baurer, Best Selling Author"A Guide To Gratitude" - Guest: Jonathan BaurerMichael Hayes - Asheville Mayoral CandidatePermission For Greatness: Guest - Beth Schadler
Being great takes getting Through the imposter syndrome telling yourself that you’ve arrived before you got there often leads to doubt fear and disbelief about prosperity on today’s  show Beth Schadler tells us it’s okay for greatness. Beth thinks Asheville area is one of the most beautiful, inspirational places She’s  experienced. She has lived here since 2003 with a few years hiatus to travel the worldlearning the ability to be able to listen deeply and guide people. Beth discoveredwhat can be complex transactions and big decisions. Knowing how to work with the specific needs of my clients has helped us  work together to create a framework that is personal and unique.  She earned a Master's degree in Business Communication and have over 20 years experience in sales, marketing and entrepreneurship. Her extensive Short Term Rental experience allowed me a position on the STR Educational Committee for LOTSAR of Asheville.  She is a public speaker as well, with a TEDx Talk released in February, 2022.  My team with eXp Realty is composed of 20 years real estate experience in Asheville. Beth states “you not only have me working for you but the support of these award-winning (top 100) agents as well.”  With our expertise and experience to not only react but to anticipate, you will be in a position to stay ahead. Sometimes parting with a beloved home can be a bittersweet process. Our team is dedicated to ensuring every avenue is considered to get what you want and the conditions you need.Connect with Beth here http://schadlerrealty.comhttps://www.instagram.com/beth.schadler.avl.realtor/ https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100074540541034
Apr 25 2022
22 mins
Guest: Tommy Dennison, Director Of Membership Development at Asheville Area Chamber of Commerce"Patience & Persistence" with Guest: Metro Rock"Plug In To Your Potential" with Dr. Travis Whiteside and Dr. Chohnice Daniels"Self Promotion Anxiety Disorder" with Guest: Mary O'Conner"Igniting Ourselves" with Jason Dangel, Owner of Reignite Fitness
Igniting ourselves is one of the hardest things to do because it takes us removing ourselves from who we were to become who we always envision to be on today show the golden key Jason Dangel tells us some keys to reignite oneself through fitnessJason Dangel is the owner and operator of Reignite Fitness – an online fitness and nutrition coaching company that specializes in lifestyle and weight loss transformations as well as fitness competition preparation for both men and women. Jason is a national bodybuilding competitor, certified nutrition specialist, and fitness/nutrition coach with over 20 years of experience. He has also spent 16 years as a communication director with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs with an academic background in health administration and strategic communication. Prior to his federal civilian career and starting Reignite Fitness, Jason served in the U.S. Army and was twice deployed in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom.Unlike other online coaching services available, Reignite Fitness does not offer cookie cutter fitness and nutrition coaching plans. All programming is designed for the individual client based on body type, age, and overall goals. Personal and professional environments of each client, resources readily available to them in or near their homes, and the type of programming they may already enjoy is also considered.The overall goal of Reignite Fitness is to work with clients to help them realize their nutrition and fitness goals while improving overall health and wellbeing.To contact Jason or to learn more about Reignite Fitness, please visit www.reignite.fitness.com, connect with him on Instagram @JDangz_Reignite, or email jasonreignitefitness@gmail.com.
Feb 25 2022
18 mins
"Taking Time For Oneself" - Guest: Laura Uherka"Mind Your Character" - Guest: Stephen Smith of MS Lean"Next Level Rehab" with Dr. Robert and Haley McCloskey
Achieving next levels in life often starts with the mind before anything else. On today’s show we have Next Level Rehab. Next level rehab specializes in helping those who are victims of stroke achieve levels of proficiency in their lives through an exoskeleton, but anything that is accomplished in was formed in the mind first. Learn how to take yourself to the next level by hearing from Dr. Rober and Haley McCloskey!  Robert McCloskey, PT, DPT, Co-founder and Chief Care OfficerRobert McCloskey is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and is a certified Indego Exoskeleton Instructor. He specializes in helping people with mobility issues improve their quality of life. Robert has witnessed the remarkable transformations made possible by combining high level care with the robotic Indego exoskeleton. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, Robert traveled the country training hospital and rehab professionals on how to use the robotic exoskeleton to empower their patients and improve their personal mobility.Haley McCloskey, Co-founder and Chief Operating OfficerHaley McCloskey is a Sales and Marketing Professional who is thrilled to direct a company that creates meaningful change in people lives. Haley is the business lead behind Next Level Rehab, making it possible for this work to come alive in Western North Carolina. After spending a decade working in the corporate world, she took a leap of faith and created the business of her dreamsNext Level Rehab can be found at @nextlevelrehabasheville on IG and FB Email us at hello@nextlevelrehabasheville.com Website is nextlevelrehabasheville.com
Jan 28 2022
23 mins
Guest: Grandmaster Morris of Sun Soo Martial Arts
The Basics in any process is a mundane overlooked process in any system. But what separates the mediocre from the great is their relationship around doing the boring things also known as the fundamentals. Mastering the relationship around the fundamentals is difficult, but on today’s show we have someone who emphasizes fundamentals as a hobby. Meet Grandmaster Tony Morris, here to tell us how to change our relationship around our fundamentals in order to take ourselves to the next level. GRANDMASTER TONY MORRIS is an 8th Degree Black Belt in Traditional Tae Kwon Do. He is the founder, resident Grandmaster Instructor and co-owner of Asheville Sun Soo Martial Arts, as well as the founder of the Sun Soo Martial Arts Association, which is dedicated to the excellent practice, teaching and preservation of traditional martial arts. Grandmaster Morris began his martial arts practice at the age of 10 and has practiced for almost 50 years, over 35 of which have been spent teaching, in addition to practicing. On the mat, his leadership and teaching style are characterized by high energy, attention to detail and a drive for encouraging and inspiring his students to be their best self and pursue creating the best possible outcome in every moment. Grandmaster Morris is honored to serve in leadership roles within two prominent international Tae Kwon Do organizations — as an Executive Committee Member and Southeast Regional Director for Taekwon-Do International (TKDI), under Grandmaster Suk Jun Kim, as well as Regional Director for the United Taekwon-Do Alliance (UTA), under Grandmaster Jason Wadley. Grandmaster Morris believes that, “Life is an amazing adventure – and we have never ‘arrived.’ Every day is a new beginning!”Get more information about Sun Soo Martial Arts at https://www.martialartsasheville.com/
Jan 21 2022
26 mins
Guest: Christina Velderman of Soulfire Medicine
The last two years of living as a human on planet earth has been nothing but chaotic. Growing up in Florida we were used to storms, but every storm has its moment of tranquility. As we move in to the exciting opportunity of 2022, it is important that we learn to keep our mindset in alignment and our chi balanced. To help us start the new year right we brought in Dr. Christinia Velderman owner of Soulfire medicine. Dr. Christina Velderman is a classically trained doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, an internist and herbalist. Her mission is to help you transform what hurts into a key that unlocks the doorway to your next level in life. She began studying spiritual traditions of the world as an adolescent hobby, eventually growing into advanced esoteric studies in the traditions of Reiki, Core Shamanism, and Five Elements Energy Clearing. Dr. Velderman's professional background includes decades of creative and strategic work in business, leadership, personal development, and health. After becoming disabled with so-called “incurable” illnesses she undertook a personal journey through illness to healing, during which she earned Master and Doctorate degrees from Daoist Traditions College of Chinese Medical Arts, in a program overseen by Master Jeffrey Yuen, an 88th generation Daoist priest. It is her greatest honor to help you find solid footing on your unique path to alignment between your body, spirit, and life curriculum.Find Dr. Christina here www.facebook.com/soulfiremedicinewww.youtube.com/channel/UCi7vYunqE_VqZCKaimTuSqghttps://www.linkedin.com/in/christinavelderman
Jan 14 2022
26 mins
Alex's End of Year MonologueChef Blue, Renowned Hibachi MasterGuest: Jeremiah Robinson of Mountain BizWorks"Fear Notes" with Laura and Meghan of Awkward Goddex
We’ve all heard that Fear is False Expectations Appearing Real. How often have we found a daunting task became easier once we find the motivation to step out of our comfort zone? On today’s Show Laura and Megan Break down how to move from Fear into greatness.  Laura and Meghan met in hip hop class, where they had been dancing next to each other for well over a year, when one day Laura casually mentioned her geeky love of neuroscience.  Meghan immediately perked up because this was a shared love.  They went for tea and the rest is herstory…In their love of all things nerdy, growth-oriented and mystical, Laura and Meghan quickly realized that there was a clear venn diagram of where their joy + heart-centered service in the world overlapped.  Laura’s never ending quest for how the universe works has led her through years of training and eventually to getting formal education in the science of all things mystical and also practical, natural medicine.  Meghan had years of work as a licensed therapist (and closeted intuitive) before she answered her full calling to become a fiercely loving life coach and help people truly tune inward and create deep change in their lives by completely and unapologetically living their fullest potential.  Quickly, they found that when they brought these things together it was a perfect recipe for deep transformation.  Add in their shared passion for social justice and the science and magic of authentic community. . . and Awkward Goddex was born. Awkward Goddex can be found at @awkwardgoddex on IG and FBEmail us at hello@awkwardgoddex.comWebsite is awkwardgoddex.com
Nov 19 2021
24 mins
"Mindset Matters" with Guest: Joseph NavaroGuest: Brian Stauffer, Owner of Nerds To Go - Asheville
Nov 5 2021
27 mins