The Soulcial Hour

Frances Leary

True marketing and business development aren’t about selling. They’re about authentic, soulful communication that focuses on the audience you serve. Building a thriving business stems from getting to the core of who you are and why you do what you do then defining your story and telling it in a way that will champion big ideas and generate big impact, on business growth and for the greater good. Business is integrated with personal aspects of life, and powerful communication centers around identifying your authentic message in order to “Be Soulcial” in your interactions. This means knowing how to identify your core values, how to tell your story, how to be authentic, how to serve your audience, how to integrate sales in a way that stays true to your core, how to be purpose-driven in your communication, and more. The Soulcial Hour brings you practical marketing and business growth information and tips, infused with some soul and inspiration to integrate in the process. read less