A chat with Mollena

The Treasure Hunt with Bas Wiegers

Aug 27 2022 • 28 mins

I have the magnificent Mollena Lee Williams Haas as my guest. We speak about the opera Sycorax and its characters. About women in opera, people of color in opera, and generally about how to make stories that translate to as many people as possible. About opera as a way to make people see what life is. Also, about Georg Friedrich Haas, and about our previous collaboration in Mollena’s and GF’s joint piece Hyena.

The music is an excerpt of Hyena, the live recording of the première at Wien Modern, with Mollena speaking, Klangforum Wien playing and me conducting. The recording can be found here:


By the way, contrary to what I’m announcing in the talk, we heard a bit of the BEGINNING of Hyena, not the ending.

Mollena’s own podcast can be found here: