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Nothings On podcast

Sep 9 2018 • 1 hr 57 mins

Burt Reynolds, Bill Daily, Captain Marvel, Fast and the Furious 9, NYCC events, Iron Fist, Norm Macdonald, Henry Cavill cast as the Witcher, Billy Dee is preparing for Star Wars, Mindhunter season two news, Emmanuelle Grey Rossum leaving Shameless, Brooklyn 99 get episode expansion, Law and Order Hate crimes, Geoffrey Owens, Mac Miller, Weekend at Bernie remake, Summer of 84, Bobby Brown story, The Mayans , the Devil and father Amorth, Ghost Stories, You can follow us on twitter : @NothingsOn123 This podcast is part of the Taylor Network, which is home to many great podcasts all available on the Taylor Network feed on iTunes, Stitcher Radio and Google Play

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