🔒 Breathwork Meditation #2: Conscious Connected Breath

Self Love & Sweat The Podcast

Nov 20 2023 • 12 mins

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HOW TO VIDEOS for each breathwork technique:
>> Conscious Connected Breath: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7IZ55tEf0vQ&list=PLUv_LDeHYlJTbT-7_M6tGNSDO3JESDEJB&index=1

Imagine if every breath you took was a chance to explore your inner self, to move through feelings, thoughts, emotions, and to come out on the other side feeling enriched, calm, and more connected to your body. Sounds enticing, doesn't it? That's precisely what we bring to you in today's breathwork meditation session. We guide you consciously to connect with your breath, invite deep inhalations and exhalations with no pause, and navigate any arising resistance or discomfort. This is your invitation to let go of any distracting thoughts and let your breath do the work.

Remember, the power of breathwork doesn't stop at the end of this session. It's a gift that keeps giving. We teach you how to return to a relaxed breath whenever you need. The conscious, connected breathwork has a job to do—move through your emotions and release what doesn't serve you anymore. It might be uncomfortable, but the power lies in staying connected with your breath, embracing the discomfort, and letting limiting beliefs drift away. If you're ready to feel enriched and more in tune with your body, lay back, close your eyes, and take the first deep breath of your transformative journey.

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