Boundaries with Winnie Chan Wang

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Jan 28 2023 • 57 mins

Winnie Chan Wang is back on the show and this time we are talking Boundaries. What does it mean to set boundaries? How do you set healthy boundaries? And do your personal boundaries with yourself impact your ability to set them with others? I LOVE talking to Winnie, she's so sweet and so wonderful.

Winnie Chan Wang is a trauma-informed licensed acupuncturist, Reiki practitioner, shadow worker and open-hearted Tao healer. She is also a professor in acupuncture at Alhambra Medical University.  In her private practice, Winnie honors her clients as divine self-healers, navigating their healing journeys as co-pilots. Because trauma is the root cause of many physical and emotional illnesses, Winnie focuses on releasing trapped emotions in organs and meridians (energy pathways). Winnie combines the medical science of a clinically trained acupuncturist with her spiritual cultivation, to help her clients process their trauma by channeling source healing energy and guided breathwork. Her goal in becoming an author is to guide her readers into a deep self-exploration with compassion and curiosity.

Mentioned in this episode:
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Timestamps to help you navigate this episode:
(0:00) Intro

(6:13) Women, heartbreak and lacking or excessive boundaries

(12:10) Boundaries derived from anger

(22:34) Drop the ego

(26:01) How to lock up the monkey in your mind

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(31:12) Your own bouncer for boundaries

(34:12) Setting boundaries with family & communicating clearly

(39:45) Unsolicited advice

(47:21) When others don't respect your boundaries

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