How .BANK addresses the Cybersecurity Problem | Guest: Drew Schiff

iQ Global Podcast

Nov 15 2021 • 30 mins

Drew Schiff, Director, Engagement Services at fTLD, speaks with Pinky Brand, Senior Vice President at iQ. 00:17 - Introduction and background on open vs. restricted domain extensions and overall cybersecurity threats 02:35 - The origins of the .BANK domain extension 03:46 - The application and approval process of getting .BANK into the root zone 05:00 - What is the primary benefit of the .BANK domain extension to banks and consumers? 09:22 - Who within a bank should be involved in the adoption of ..BANK? 11:11 - What are the requirements to obtain a .BANK domain name? 14:00 - Is it expensive and complex to move a bank's primary URL to .bank? How does it compare to other security, verification, and digital initiatives that banks need to undertake? 17:10 - Comments on vetting each applicant 18:47 - How are users responding to banks using a .bank domain? 22:00 - How .BANK educates registrars, banks, and consumers about .BANK 25:02 - What about premium names? Can a bank reserve or obtain more than one name or register a slogan, etc? (e.g. SuperSafe.bank) 26:42 - What other actions does the .BANK registry take to protect end-users from potential abuse threats? 28:50 - How to learn more and contact .BANK directly for a discussion Stay informed on your Domain Abuse situation, and get FREE tailor-made reports within seconds from one of the world's most extensive repositories of malicious domains, and gain insight into Domain Abuse trends at: https://abusestats.com/ Recorded: 10 November 2021