♏️ One of the deepest, darkest New Moons - Scorpio New Moon Guided Audio Ritual

Sovereign Audio Magazine

Nov 12 2023 • 12 mins

On this episode you will listen to Miranda Murphy Goll, your personal Sovereign Moon Mentor, who will guide you through an enriching and relaxing New Moon ritual.

Swimming in the shadowy waters of our own psyche, and just like the scorpion itself, this Moon can have a sting. Scorpio connects you to unconscious patterns, and helps you open to emotions that arise. What you discover may not be pleasant, yet it does offer the prospect to integrate what you feel, and evolve beyond it.

Producer’s credits:

  • Faith Howley - Audio Magazine Producer + Engineer
  • Nicole George - Founder of Sovereign Magazine | Narrator | Editor-in-Chief
  • Miranda Murphy Goll - Moon Mentor | Moon Mondays Narrator

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