“Dissolve the Darkness of Inner Pain and Brighten the Light of Your Spirit”

Sovereign Audio Magazine

Sep 14 2023 • 52 mins

This is your September issue of Sovereign Magazine.

This month's theme is self-destruction, self pity, and self-criticism which closely aligns with the energy of the Harvest Moon.

Stories and Insights:

  • (5:06) Our front cover features Kelly Suttell who shares how to “Dissolve the Darkness of Inner Pain and Brighten the Light of Your Spirit”.
  • (23:27) Sovereign Global Column Expert on Akashic Records, Patty Oliver, shares about “Soul Empowerment”
  • (31:00) Tara Diana Nagy helps you “Empower Yourself”
  • (38:43) Nicole Harlot dives deeper into the “Shame Spiral”
  • (42:30) Your personal Sovereign Moon Mentor, Miranda Goll, teaches you about how to work with the energy of the moon in her monthly column Moon Musing

Producer’s credits:

  • Faith Holey - Audio Magazine Producer + Engineer
  • Nicole George - Founder of Sovereign Magazine | Narrator | Editor-in-Chief
  • Janine Rivera - Executive Director
  • Carla Collins - Digital Magazine Producer | Social Media + Marketing Specialist
  • Miranda Murphy Goll - Moon Mentor | Moon Mondays Narrator
  • Ilea Angaza - Audio Magazine Narrator

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