♐ Expand Your Vision For The Future - Sagittarius New Moon Guided Audio Ritual

Sovereign Audio Magazine

Dec 11 2023 • 13 mins

In this episode, Miranda Murphy Goll, your personal Sovereign Moon Mentor, will guide you through an enriching and relaxing New Moon ritual.

This Sagittarius new moon brings the energy of Expanding horizons while this month's edition of Sovereign magazine invites you to focus on the bigger picture. Miranda brings you a breathwork practice that utilises mirror work and a meditation that will allow you to expand your vision of what you can achieve and set goals for your future.

Producer’s credits:

  • Faith Howley - Audio Magazine Producer + Engineer
  • Nicole George - Founder of Sovereign Magazine | Narrator | Editor-in-Chief
  • Miranda Murphy Goll - Moon Mentor | Moon Mondays Narrator

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