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Happiness Bucket Fillers - AHL Herocast: Thursday, August 4th - Preseason Summer 22
Aug 3 2022
Happiness Bucket Fillers - AHL Herocast: Thursday, August 4th - Preseason Summer 22
** Today’s Grid Schedule ** 6:15 AM PT - Fitness Mega Jam 6:30 AM PT - Daily Planning Ultra Jam 7:00 AM PT - Eagle’s 12-Hour Mega Jam 10:00 AM PT - Game Show Super Show Hyper Jam 10:05 AM PT - Psychology Mega Jam 10:10 AM PT - Venture Matchmaking Lounge Open 10:15 AM PT - Psychology Super Jam 10:30 AM PT - Question Line Open 10:40 AM PT - Career Mega Jam 10:45 AM PT - Rotation Venture Super Jam 11:15 AM PT - T4 Mega Jam 11:40 AM PT - Venture Brainstorm Epic Jam 7:00 PM PT - Owl’s 12-Hour Mega Jam ** Today’s Rotation Venture ** AVO Name: Career RPG About AVO: A video game similar to top-down Zelda games except instead of Link, you are a kid about to graduate college and enter the workforce. Through this adventure, you will work many jobs and internships - gaining real-world knowledge about “a day in the life” at these positions. Altruism Category: Education Recent Progress: Heroes discussed careers that players should learn about. Current Objectives: Discuss what power-ups and unlockables will be in the game. ** Today’s Positive Psychology Worksheet ** Title: Basket Fillers Category: Happiness Goal: The goal of this exercise is to help clients understand the effects of their words and behaviors on their well-being and the well-being of others using the bucket filler principle. ** Yesterday’s Venture Brainstorming Themes ** Daily: Microtechnology‎ / Pollution control technologies‎ / Family Life / General Human Services / Strength Collisions / Strengths Weekly: International Clown Week Nonprofit: Animal Protection and Welfare ** #heroesrackpoints ** Become a Hero and join the AHL at www.Akwai.com Image created by Dall-E 2. The artificial intelligence was told to draw a picture to represent today’s Positive Psychology worksheet (Bucket Fillers). It is a “bucket of happiness”!