How to sell to different personalities: Jamie Martin

BOSS Podcast

Jul 4 2021 • 31 mins

What do we need to consider and what should we do so that we have a deeper impact or a deeper relationship with our buyers?

Jamie Martin is an award-winning Sales coach, Speaker and Podcaster from the UK, who has some great insights on selling to different personalities.

We all know that all things being equal, people like to work with people who are more like themselves. And that the spoken word only makes up a very small part of the way we absorb communication. Body language, tone, pace etc all play a massive part on the way we perceive those communication signals

People personalities also play a massive part in the way they perceive or process our communication.

To be fair, this is something I've found difficult to adopt in my personal selling style. So I was really looking forward to hearing from the expert here.

Catch some great ideas about how you can change your selling style to match that of your buyer, regardless of what their personality is.

Jamie Martin

Mark McInnes

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