(Very) Advanced LinkedIn Techniques for Today's Sellers : Mark McInnes

BOSS Podcast

Jul 28 2021 • 25 mins

A super tactical session.
Much more than ‘tidy up your profile and post some content’.

Learn advanced social selling strategies on how you could reach out and restart conversations with either those you’re connected to but haven’t conversed with yet or those you are wanting to connect with.

All without being a SPAMMER.

Key strategies here for you are:

  • The follow/ unfollow technique
  • How to leverage referrals super easily
  • How to use POLLS to create your own book
  • How to tell if your prospects are ‘really’ on LinkedIn
  • Why POLLS might be your answer to creating authority
  • How to delight a new connection even if you have zero content
  • Why you should slow down your outreach to help speed up the result

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Mark McInnes