The 3rd Best Cold Caller in the World. Gerry Hill.

BOSS Podcast

Aug 17 2021 • 32 mins

Life on the other side of 18million dials.

This episode provides you with a window into the mind of a true expert. Gerry Hill is the regional VP of a company called Connect & Sell. If you’re in sales leadership or you’re a close watcher of sales tech you will know the organization is at the very front of calling technology.

Gerry does all the talking in this one which is perfect… because I felt SO far out of my depth I was drowning in information. In fact, It’s highly likely you will need to listen to this episode twice. I mean I train people to make calls.. and this guy is three levels above me.

This guy walks the walk, he is the only person ever, on this podcast, to give out his mobile number as way to get in contact’ – How’s that for serious?

Gerry Hill

Connect & Sell

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