Stop your deals slipping in the last mile: JD (John Dean)

BOSS Podcast

Sep 27 2021 • 29 mins

Have you ever left a client meeting with a handshake deal, thinking it was done and dusted, only to later realize it was only the very start of the process and not the end?
I know I certainly have; I also have the mental scars to prove it.

So how do you navigate this LAST mile in the sales process when we find ourselves in these situations? Better still how do we avoid them altogether?

JD, from Sales Director Central, is a guy who mentors sales leaders, business owners and entrepreneurs who are driving really important sales initiatives inside their organization.

He says more and more salespeople are falling over at the last mile than ever before.
In this show, JD is going to share with us some really cool things we can do to avoid making these common mistakes.

Also, you'll get to hear about how one of our price negotiations involved a guy threatening to drive his Range Rover through our office front door if he couldn't get a $20K discount.

JD (John Dean)


Sales Director Central

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