BONUS Tutorial: Virtual & Digital selling: Mark McInnes

BOSS Podcast

Sep 6 2021 • 26 mins

Bonus POW💥 Course Content. Virtual & Digital Selling Tutorial.

Let’s face it, virtual & digital Selling is here to stay. So why are salespeople so crap at it?
After sitting on 1000’s of ZOOM calls, webinars, demos and sales calls that have completely stunk, I’ve decided to share a short action plan to help sellers lift their game when it comes to digital & virtual selling.

We’ve all been in those situations when you expect your buyer to turn up and engage and then they turn up don’t have their video on and will barely acknowledge you.  You feel like you’re talking to yourself for the next 45mins?

What about when some extra people turn up to your demo that you weren’t expecting?

How can you make the most of your time and your sales efforts when selling online?

What can we do to try and claw back some of the advantages of rapport and relationship building whilst operating online?

Sellers, it’s time to lift your collective virtual sales game.
Start here.

Mark McInnes

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