Are you on the right commission plan? Fred Viet

BOSS Podcast

Jul 18 2021 • 34 mins

Fred is a senior sales leader with Aircall and in our recent conversation we talked about what does a good comp plan look like and what are the main challenges in rolling out a plan.

There were a couple of really interesting pieces in here you’ll love.

Firstly, your comp needs to be aligned with your geographical location. Different geographies require a different mix of base and comms.

Secondly, that as the business grows, leaders need to be ready to change the plan because, salespeople tend to focus on activities that produce the most commission for them.

This is a great way to solve some of your bigger business strategy pieces.

Fred also shares the 5 comp plans he’s orchestrated while at Aircall and the impacts of each of those.

This is a great episode for both sellers and sales leaders.

Fred Viet


Mark McInnes

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