Kylie : Just Us Listening, Actually Listening

Bonus Babies

Aug 20 2021 • 43 mins

Jayne Amelia talks with a devoted and talented child therapist, Kylie. Kylie is a School Therapist working for a non-profit organization providing therapy to students ages 5-22 who live in the residences on campus, or come from homes in the nearby community. These are children who need additional support and aren't able to thrive in a general school environment due to many different reasons such as involvement in CPS, past trauma, violent behaviors, learning disabilities and more. Kylie first worked in Hollywood where she was booked live music shows and secured brand deals for celebrities. After four years in the entertainment business and looking for deeper meaning, she obtained a job working with foster children and CASAs which ignited a fire in her.  She knew this was her purpose––working with children. Her next position was as a Behavior Interventionist, providing in-home ABA therapy to children with Autism. While working at that, she realized that to reach her professional goals she would need to go to graduate school, and two years later received her Master’s in Social Work. During school, she interned at a NPS (non-public school) where she was able to connect with children from a variety of backgrounds. Her second year she spent interning as a Medical Social Worker in the cancer department at a hospital where she had the privilege of providing therapy to cancer patients, their families, friends and caregivers. It was very impactful and rewarding work. After graduate school, she immediately secured a job at a psychiatric facility where she worked with patients experiencing acute mental status that warranted an average 3-5 day stay;  most commonly had a desire to harm themselves, harm others, or were so severely disabled that they were unknowingly in grave danger. This was Kylie's last job before her current very fulfilling position as a School Therapist. Although she did a 180-degree career change, Kylie believes that all her early experiences have helped her in becoming the eclectic and authentic therapist she is today.