Tamar Sebesta: You're Not Alone And You Can Do It.

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Jul 24 2021 • 50 mins

Jayne Amelia talks with former foster youth Tamar Sebesta, who is also a proud and happy young mother. "I’m Tamar Sebesta and a sophomore student at Orange Coast College. I am in the process of achieving an Associates degree for transfer in Political Science, Communications, Psychology, as well as Liberal Arts. I am an active member on my campus and am involved in programs such as Guardian Scholars, EOPS, CARE, the speech and debate team, and two honor societies. I am passionate about self-advocacy and social injustice activism, and use my voice to uplift others with my story. For me, success means being able to look back one day... as an elder woman... and reflecting on all the many people I've helped throughout my life."

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