Cyber Security Business

K logix

Hosted by Kevin Pouche, COO of K logix, Cyber Security Business interviews CISOs and other security leaders to hear their advice about the business of information security. This podcast gives our listeners actionable takeaways to help them increase the effectiveness of their security programs.

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Our Editor's Take

Cyber Security Business is a podcast about the digital security industry. Host Kevin Pouche is the COO and co-owner of the computer security service company K logix. In each episode, he talks to a guest about a specific digital security topic. His guests are security experts like chief operating and chief information security officers.

In one podcast episode, Pouche discusses digital supply chain risk management. Ryan Spelman is the managing director of consulting at K logix. They discuss digital supply chain risk management in broad and specific terms. Spelman explains the chain reaction of it all, how one organization automatically impacts another. He mentions the Target data breach of 2013 as an example of why this is an important matter.

Another Cyber Security Business episode features American Tower CISO Rob Sherman. He advises about presenting to boards, committees, and people in top management positions. They may not know much about digital security, but they want to understand the progress.

In another episode, Pouche interviews Jay Wiley, a deputy CISO for M&T Bank. They discuss talent development and retention. Pouche claims that there are a lot of job openings. Wiley adds that smaller companies can benefit when big corporations lay off many employees. He also suggests that company culture may be as impactful as a competitive salary. Robert Preta from ACV Auctions joins Pouche on the podcast. He talks about growing concerns around identity security. They discuss the possibility of a future without passwords. Preta believes that even multifactor authentication may not be around for much longer.

The host and guests of Cyber Security Business offer valuable digital security tips. New episodes air monthly.

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