Unpacking Resilience & Grief

Teaching in Higher Ed

Mar 31 2022 • 44 mins

Chinasa Elue, Laura Howard, & Este Jordan on unpacking resilience and grief on episode 397 of the Teaching in Higher Ed podcast. Quotes from the episode People are grieving and hurting. -Chinasa Elue Resilience is an incongruent term to describe our lived experiences right now. -Chinasa Elue Language is power. -Laura Howard We have the opportunity now to really reimagine what higher education can look like if we center it on those that work with us and those that we serve. -Chinasa Elue Educational developers are caregivers. -Este Jordan The types of grief we experience depend on the different dimensions of our identity. -Chinasa Elue People want to know that they are seen, valued, and heard. -Chinasa Elue We have to become more comfortable with talking about grief in our workplaces. -Chinasa Elue It is really easy to be mission focused; but if you’re not focused on the people driving your mission, you are going to fail. -Chinasa Elue Resources Unpacking Resilience & Grief Workbook What Are We Talking About When We Talk About ‘Care’ by Dr. Hannah McGregor Hannah McGregor’s website Kinnesaw State University Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning