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Our Editor's Take

The World Cafe Words and Music Podcast features performances and interviews with top artists. Whether listeners like indie, pop, rock, folk, or blues, they can enjoy insights into the best musicians here.

The public radio podcast explores the creative process. Guests share experiences and inspirations. Listeners learn the stories behind the music to understand top artists better. Each episode examines a different artist or band from various genres. The show also discusses the latest records in this music scene.

Host Talia Schlanger's warm and engaging style helps her connect with artists. A musician herself, Schlanger offers insightful questions. Schlanger talks to them about inspirations, personal stories, and techniques. Listeners learn of personal struggles and career paths. Each episode enlightens the musician, host, and listener. Guests then perform live on the set of the World Cafe Words and Music Podcast.

Listeners also discover new artists and explore different styles. The podcast showcases both famous and emerging musicians. With no large crowd in the studio, the artistic experience is intimate.

As an NPR program, the podcast boasts a slew of iconic guests. Bands like Nickel Creek and Black Osprey bring loads of energy. Popular groups like Of Monsters and Men play live and share their musical inspirations in interviews. Emerging talents like Tyler Bryant and the Marcus King Band also visit the podcast. Listeners get comprehensive backgrounds and discography insights of some of the best musicians.

Although the show focuses on world music, it also discusses US bands from New York, Philly, Nashville, and other locations. World Café Words and Music Podcast airs twice weekly. Episodes range from 15 to 45 minutes in length.

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