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Are you an ambitious young entrepreneur? Do you consider yourself a role model and leader of tomorrow? If so, this is going to be the show for you. Leaders Of Tomorrow is a show dedicated young and ambitious entrepreneurs looking to forge their own path in this world. Each week, we will bring you an inspiring interview and share with you behind the scenes some of the values and beliefs of our 8-figure business; Student Works Management Program. From interviews with young millionaires and personal anecdotes from our head coach; Chris Thomson, this show will give you everything you need to know to become a Leader Of Tomorrow.
262 | Paul Baluch | From Student Works to Shack Shine: How To Scale Your Business Through People
In today's episode of Leaders of Tomorrow, Chris chats with Paul Baluch, the Head of Franchise Operations at Shack Shine and O2E Brands, companies that transform ordinary home services into exceptional experiences. He spent eight years with Student Works West, as a franchisee operator, a hyper-successful top-performing Business Coach, District Manager and General Manager.    You’ll learn who Paul Baluch was before his experience with Student Works and the great wisdom that Paul learned from the values his parents provided him.   You’ll discover what Paul took away from his experience with Student Works and how he is using what he learned there in running his own business.   He will talk about his experience with Shack Shine and O2E Brands and his passion for helping young entrepreneurs grow their business.   Paul will reveal the number #1 secret that makes Shack Shine a great company and a great working place and his unique vision about competition in the business environment   You will also find out the reasons why it is very important to focus on systems and processes in order to be successful and profitable.    Join Chris and Paul as they have a fascinating conversation about success, passions, working with customer service, giving back by coaching other people and much more.   Enjoy! What You Will Learn In This Show: Who was Paul Baluch before his experience with Student WorksWhat did Paul take away from his experience with Student works and who is he using what he learned there in running his own business?How Paul and his wife started their own business using what Student Works taught themPaul’s experience with Shack Shine and O2E BrandsKey habits a young leader would want to steal from PaulAnd so much more...   Resources: Student Works Paul Baluch’s Linkedin Paul Baluch’s Twitter 1-800-GOT-JUNK Podcast 203 | Brian Scudamore | Creating Exceptional Brands – How I Built My College Side Hustle Into a Multi-Million Dollar Business Book: WTF?! (Willing to Fail): How Failure Can Be Your Key to Success by Brian Scudamore
6d ago
55 mins
261 | Jason Shuttleworth | Keys to Running A $100M Plastic Packaging Business260 | Chris Thomson | 2021 Podcast Year Wrap-Up259 | Derek Panzer | RBM ConMed and Startup Business Alumni258 | Justin Georgopoulos | Top Painting Rookie
On today’s show, we interview Justin Georgopoulos, who broke the all-time rookie record, with over $450,000. To put that in perspective, the previous record was $225,000.   His initial exposure to the program wasn't a success, as he felt that painting was old school and he preferred to follow the online business route. However, his brother was a barber for several of the operators and he quickly came to understand how powerful the program really was.   Justin attributes a good portion of his success to gaining as much information as possible from books, podcasts (such as Leaders of Tomorrow) and other materials.   He set a goal for himself to break the rookie record by making $300,000, but ended up blasting past that number to $450,000 by the end of the season.   On today’s show, Justin shares some of the insights he's gained along the way, particularly around the areas of mindset and leadership. Their wide-ranging conversation covers everything from the power of networking and gaining the advice of veterans in the business to the work of Wim Hof.   Join Chris and Justin for this fascinating and inspiring discussion! What You Will Learn In This Show: How Justin was able to not only break the all-time rookie record but basically double it.How he was able to get the help of many veteran operators already involved in the program to learn how he could have the best season possible.How the work of Wim Hof inspired him, to the point where he even began using Hof's method for holding his breath to demonstrate the power of the human mind.Why Justin wants to create a team of effective leaders within his business to help build his own leadership skills.And so much more...   Resources Student Works Chris Thomson LinkedIn
Nov 30 2021
49 mins
257 | Matt Young | Patience and an Open Mind: Keys to Success256 | Victoria Landreville | The Empowerment on the Other Side of Fear255 | Michael Sutton | Opportunities Are Everywhere For Those Who Look
It's well known that great businesses often grow out of underserved industries or sectors with little competition. The barbecue cleaning business was one such area, as today's guest discovered.   In today's episode of Leaders of Tomorrow, Chris chats with Michael Sutton, a young entrepreneur that saw an opportunity when his parents had a poor (and expensive) experience having their barbecue cleaned.   You'll discover how Michael's research revealed that there was little to no competition in his area for BBQ cleaning services, and those that did exist were either too expensive or unwilling to even provide a quote.   You'll learn why having a partner to share ideas with, especially in the early days of a business, can be an extremely valuable resource.   You'll discover how Michael and his partner developed their roles as they went along, working out their strengths and weaknesses and then focusing their efforts in the areas where they excelled.   You'll also learn some of the challenges BBQ Boys faced when they decided to shift from an employee business model to an independent contractor model.   Join Chris and Michael as they explore the factors that led to his growing business, and what this young entrepreneur has planned for the future.   Enjoy! What You Will Learn In This Show: How Michael's BBQ Boys business began when his parents had a bad experience getting their barbecue cleaned.The value of having a partner to share ideas with, especially in the early days of a business.How he and his partner developed their roles as they went along, working out strengths and weaknesses.The challenges that came with shifting from an employee business model to an independent contractor model.And so much more...     Resources: Student Works Chris Thomson LinkedIn
Nov 9 2021
1 hr 1 min
254 | StartUp - Wilfrid Laurier University Presentation253 | John Warrillow | Entrepreneurship Wisdom and Learning From Past Mistakes
On today’s show, we interview John Warrillow, Founderof The Value Builder System™ who shares with us some entrepreneurial wisdom so that you can learn from the mistakes of your peers and make strategic moves that truly take you forward. John always had the entrepreneurial streak within him, and so he left Queens University early so that he could pursue his dreams. And he soon realized that he had to start off at the bottom of the ladder.  And so, John started working for a radio station in Sudbury. This stint of his was cut short when his bosses did not entertain his idea about starting a show for entrepreneurs. So, like any sane person, John quit his job and decided to produce the show on his own. Fortunately for him, this proved to be the right decision as John ended up interviewing different entrepreneurs for 3 years, and learnt a lot along the way.  In 1997, John started the Warrillow Subscriber Network, an advisory for SME enterprises before going to become a sought-after speaker and author. On today’s show, John shares some interesting case studies that reveal how you can avoid some common mistakes that entrepreneurs make on a routine basis. Specifically, you will learn how to increase enterprise valuations, the importance of value over top-line, and expert negotiation strategies in today’s show. Tune in now! What You Will Learn In This Show Why I never raised money for any of my businesses to dateWhat would I do differently if I had to start all over again?The secret to changing a transaction-based model into a subscription-based business modelHow to dramatically enhance the value of your businessWhy, as an entrepreneur, you should be selling your company, and not your productWhy you MUST hire a M&A professional to sell your companyAnd so much more… Resources Student Works  Chris Thomson LinkedIn
Oct 26 2021
1 hr 7 mins
252 | Louis Sabourin | Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone251 | Michael Morse | How I Built My $500 Million Wealth Management Practice from Scratch
On today’s show, we interview Michael Morse who shares with us his thoughts on perseverance, financial freedom, and cultivating lifelong professional relationships. Growing up, Michael was always keen to do things on his own. So, naturally, he was excited when the Student Works opportunity came along.  In this segment of the show, Michael shares how he made the same mistake that many people make. Many students discard the Student Works model as being too “simplistic” and “unprofessional”. Whereas, in reality, it is anything but that.  You will learn how Student Works helped Michael build strong foundational skills that set the tone for an incredibly successful career ahead. Upon graduation, Michael decided to join Scotia Wealth Management since it was a small firm with incredible growth opportunities.  You will learn how Michael made 10,000 cold calls in this first year. And how he and his team have since grown their business by leaps and bounds. As of now, Michael’s firm manages $500 million for more than 200 families. You do not want Michael’s definition of financial freedom. And the animated discussion on how to build a healthy attitude towards money. Enjoy! What You Will Learn In This Show How I made 10,000 cold calls in my first year as a wealth managerHow I successfully built a $500 million private client wealth businessThe real definition of financial freedomHow to cultivate a healthy attitude towards moneyAnd so much more… Resources Student Works  Chris Thomson LinkedIn
Oct 12 2021
57 mins
250 | The Power of Questions249 | Broder Currie | How I Plan On Running A Half-Million Dollar Business This Year248 | Eric Janssen | How to Be Great at Selling
On today’s show, we interview Eric Janssen, faculty, Ivey Business School at Western University who shares with us his distilled wisdom on the art of selling, the power of story-telling, and tips for achieving a good work-life balance. After graduating from the Ivey School of Business, Eric continued as a lecturer with the same school for three years. But in 2008, Eric decided to venture into the corporate world. As the Director of Strategy and Business Development at Mobiroo, Eric helped grow this nascent business which enables telecom operators to distribute top content. He went on to work in Wrapp and Intellitix – both technology companies in creative niches. Particularly, Eric talks at length about his work at Intellitix, and how their game-changing technology helped event organizers improve profitability and enhance the overall experience. Alongside, Eric also went on to invest in various path-breaking start-ups including a brewing company and an online education company. In 2018, Eric decided to transition back to teaching by coming back to the Ivey Business School. He shares his research-oriented teaching approach, and why he has chosen to teach sales – a grossly-neglected subject. He also talks about the importance of maintaining a good work life balance in this segment of the show.  Do not miss this one! What You Will Learn In This Show The many advantages of online educationHow do you figure out your ideal client avatar, and reach out to them?How do I teach resilience to my students?How to leverage the power of story-tellingWhy great salespeople are always good listeners and good question-askersNo-mo-phobia, and how it’s massively impacting our productivity levelWhat is the one thing that can help you find success in sales?And so much more…   Resources Student Works  Chris Thomson LinkedIn
Sep 21 2021
1 hr 1 min
247 | Angela Lister | Shedding Your Ego, Working Strategically, and Gaining Maximum Momentum
Sep 14 2021
35 mins
246 | Ed Buset | The Biggest Things that Helped Me Build a $40 Million Contracting Business
On today’s show, we interview Ed Buset of New City Contracting who shares with us how he transitioned from being a student painter to running a $40 million construction business. Born to first-generation immigrants, Ed shares that he was born in a typical, hard-working Italian family. So, he grew up working odd jobs and quickly understanding the value of money. Getting the Student Works internship helped him learn important foundational lessons in communication and cooperation – which helped him grow and scale his contracting business. One of the main themes that we touch upon in today’s show is the importance of running a systemized and disciplined business. As someone who works in the contracting space, Ed gives us a peek into his business philosophy which has catapulted him ahead of the competition. He also shares the importance of always completing a project – on schedule in this segment of the show. Getting ISO has further helped Ed and his team run their operations in a systemized manner. Other topics discussed on today’s show include the importance of diversity and continuous learning. This is a show you do not want to miss. Enjoy!   What You Will Learn In This Show Why working with integrity is the one thing that can take your business forwardLeveraging diversity for building a dream teamImportance of documenting your processesOpportunities in the contracting spaceExpert tips for finishing a construction project on scheduleAnd so much more…   Resources Student Works  Chris Thomson LinkedIn
Sep 7 2021
57 mins
245 | How to Think About Your Career?244 | Matthew Eidinger | How to Successfully Venture Outside Your Comfort Zone
What are some key attributes that will catapult you ahead of the competition? On today’s show, we interview Matthew Eidinger who shares with us his thoughts on time management, goal-setting, and venturing outside your comfort zone. Matthew was initially attracted to the Student Works internship because he saw it as an opportunity to develop several transferable and foundational skill-sets – namely, marketing, sales, and production management. And, as an introvert, Matthew was keen on developing these skill-sets that he knew would help him through the course of his career. Additionally, on today’s show, he also shares with us the work that he did as the President of McGill Political Science Students Association. Apart from Student Works, this experience helped Mathew evolve into a dynamic leader capable of moving the needle forward. Upon graduation from McGill, Matthew was working towards his goal of becoming a lawyer. But he decided to pivot after landing his dream job with Cambridge Global Payments, a boutique foreign exchange broker. You will get some interesting insights into Matthew’s role and responsibilities in this segment of the show. Currently, Matthew is also pursuing his Masters in Finance at the London School of Business. This is a show you do not want to miss. Enjoy! What You Will Learn In This Show Tips for introverts who are considering joining the Student Works program3 things that I learned from the program that I rely on too dateHow my Student Works internship helped me get my dream job at Cambridge Global PaymentsHow I managed to clear my CFA while working a full-time jobAnd so much more… Resources Student Works  Chris Thomson LinkedIn
Aug 24 2021
1 hr 2 mins
243 | Bill Maginas | How to Make Your Mark in The Corporate World
On today’s show, we interview Bill Maginas who shares with us his distilled wisdom on leveraging knowledge, branding, and finding success in the corporate world. We start this show with Bill recalling his life before Student Works. Born to Greek immigrants, Bill was always entrepreneurial and had a big engine for work. And this was why he was instantly attracted to Student Works when he was in his first year in college. You will learn how a “structured approach to being an entrepreneur” can work wonders for you – the same way it worked for Bill.  After graduating from Wilfrid Laurier, Bill joined Honeywell in November 1999. In his 17-year-long stint here, Bill got an opportunity to work in different countries and across a wide range of industry verticals.  In 2016, Bill was appointed as the President of Johnson Controls. In his new role, Bill shares how he dramatically altered the organizational structure to improve overall efficiencies. In this segment of the show, you will also learn how to maintain your work relationships and part with your employer on a good note. Currently, as the CEO of Great Northern Insulation, Bill shares how he is leveraging knowledge and attempting to make his mark in a commoditized industry. This is a show you do not want to miss. Enjoy! What You Will Learn In This Show Importance of being action-oriented and failing cheapHow to have an authentic, clear-cut conversation and part with your employer on a good noteNuanced advice for those looking to taking the entrepreneurial routeAnd so much more… Resources Student Works  Chris Thomson LinkedIn
Aug 17 2021
53 mins