247 | Angela Lister | Shedding Your Ego, Working Strategically, and Gaining Maximum Momentum

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Sep 14 2021 • 35 mins

Is your ego preventing you from working to your full potential?

On today’s show, we talk with Angela Lister who shares with us her thoughts on shedding your ego, continuous learning, and the importance of surrounding yourself with great mentors.

In her first year as a student painter, admittedly, Angela was working with a chip on her shoulder. While she undoubtedly worked really hard, she channelled her energies incorrectly and refused to take the help of her mentors and accountability partners.

And, as a result, she ended her first year with lukewarm success.

Having learnt her lesson, Angela changed her approach dramatically in her second year. In her second year, Angela decided to lean heavily on her accountability partners.

In this segment of the show, you will learn how Angela managed to complete an extremely difficult project (and her largest) just because she had a strong support system.

We wrap up this show by sharing some of the most important attributes that you are likely to find in a leader of tomorrow.

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What You Will Learn In This Show

  • What do top performers do differently?
  • Sharing my first-year experience as a student operator
  • Shedding your ego and running your business strategically
  • How my mentors and accountability buddies helped me finish my largest and most difficult painting job
  • How to set goals, remain motivated, and stay on-course
  • And so much more…


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