251 | Michael Morse | How I Built My $500 Million Wealth Management Practice from Scratch

Leaders Of Tomorrow Podcast

Oct 12 2021 • 57 mins

On today’s show, we interview Michael Morse who shares with us his thoughts on perseverance, financial freedom, and cultivating lifelong professional relationships.

Growing up, Michael was always keen to do things on his own. So, naturally, he was excited when the Student Works opportunity came along.

In this segment of the show, Michael shares how he made the same mistake that many people make. Many students discard the Student Works model as being too “simplistic” and “unprofessional”. Whereas, in reality, it is anything but that.

You will learn how Student Works helped Michael build strong foundational skills that set the tone for an incredibly successful career ahead.

Upon graduation, Michael decided to join Scotia Wealth Management since it was a small firm with incredible growth opportunities.

You will learn how Michael made 10,000 cold calls in this first year. And how he and his team have since grown their business by leaps and bounds. As of now, Michael’s firm manages $500 million for more than 200 families.

You do not want Michael’s definition of financial freedom. And the animated discussion on how to build a healthy attitude towards money.


What You Will Learn In This Show

  • How I made 10,000 cold calls in my first year as a wealth manager
  • How I successfully built a $500 million private client wealth business
  • The real definition of financial freedom
  • How to cultivate a healthy attitude towards money
  • And so much more…


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