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Malayna Dawn

Malayna Dawn shares her Thoughts on Rev. Mike's Sunday Talks at the Center for Spiritual Living in Granada Hills, California. She also asks for *his* thoughts and research, choices, which he often answers with a pop culture or historical reference, some science or a song. It's a real and down-to-earth spiritual and philosophical life discussion with a fair amount of laughter. read less
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Political Consciousness - Ep 43 - Thoughts on Talks
Nov 12 2020
Political Consciousness - Ep 43 - Thoughts on Talks
Whereas the Talks we share Thoughts on are usually those given by Rev. Mike on Sundays, this episode examines Talks by Joe Biden, Van Jones, Emmanuel Acho and more. Malayna shared her #BlackLivesMatter face mask with art from Jenny Hahn (to complement her eco tee shirt)and spoke with Salaam about seeing Van Jones in tears the morning the election was called for Joe Biden. He shared about Ice Cube and Kamala and his wise wife saying we can't imagine what it would be like to be a political commentator. Then we discussed Van Jones' TED talk asking 'what if a president refuses to concede?", his #LoveArmy and some of the organizations that are continuing to work for a more democratic democracy. (See below!)And have you noticed that Rev. Mike is of Irish descent, like Joe Biden and Malayna is half-South Asian like Kamala? Just sayin'.And we talked about talks with our friends and family members, abroad or across the nation; the CONSCIOUSNESS behind our political motivations; and the human condition when power is involved. A shout out to the Unity Southwest Region and Rev. John Washington, and an invitation from Salaam to watch his Facebook live chat with his friends coming up. Van Jones suggested organizations:ChooseDemocracy.usElectionTaskForce.orgProtectDemocracy.orgMobilize.usAllAmericans.orgCivicAlliance.comThe Fight Back Table @ Demos.orgVoter Fraud: The Heritage FoundationGov't Accountability InstituteSUPPORT:ACLU.orgLeadership Conference on Civil Rights - civilrights.orgNAACP Legal Defense Fund - www.naacpldf.orgIndivisible.orgColor of