12 – Unleashing the Power of Video: A B2B Marketing Revolution with CLEAVER Creative’s Chris Weiher

B2B Tech Founders Lounge

Feb 1 2024 • 24 mins

Your host, Liudmila Kiseleva, talks with the Owner and ECD of CLEAVER Creative, Chris Weiher. Chris began by recounting the early days of CLEAVER Creative, where animation and explainer videos were the bread and butter of their services. But as the market matured, so did the needs of companies. It became clear that a one-off video was not enough. Businesses craved a full-fledged video strategy that dovetailed with their overarching goals. Chris underscored the importance of tailoring video services to enhance a company's strategy, and he pointed to LinkedIn as a goldmine for organic reach and engagement.

Chris emphasized the trend towards series of videos that accompany potential buyers on their journey. The key, he revealed, is authenticity. People gravitate towards content that feels genuine rather than overly polished productions. By fostering the "know, like, and trust" factors, companies can smooth out their sales process and showcase the human element of their brand, making it easier for potential clients to form a connection

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