14 – The Importance of Practical AI Integration and Human Involvement in Technology with Trinsic Technologies’ Art Powell

B2B Tech Founders Lounge

Feb 22 2024 • 22 mins

Your host, Liudmila Kiseleva, talks with the Founder of Trinsic Technologies, Art Powell. Art's story begins in the realm of insurance sales, a field where he enjoyed early success. However, his true passion was ignited when his wife gifted him a computer in the early '90s. This seemingly simple act set Art on a path that would lead him to leave his mark on the tech world. He started a hardware company, facing the daunting challenges that come with competing against larger, more established players. Despite the setbacks, Art's determination never wavered, and in 2005, he founded Trinsic Technologies.

One of the most striking aspects of Art's philosophy is his belief in controlling one's own destiny. This conviction led him to bootstrap Trinsic Technologies, a decision that has paid off in spades. The company has not only achieved profitability but has also seen substantial growth. Art attributes this success to their unique approach to technology services, particularly their emphasis on high-touch customer service. This strategy has set them apart from competitors who often prioritize automation over personal interaction.

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