Bryany Parker - The Sponsorship Platform

2ndwind Academy Podcast

May 31 2022 • 51 mins

Bryany Parker, 25, is an ex-professional footballer, an entrepreneur, and founder of The Sponsorship Platform. She works in football part-time and studies full-time. Parker is almost completing her Bachelor of Sports and Exercise Science at UTS. With her colleague from the football club, they launched a startup that delves into sports sponsorship - The Sponsorship Platform. The startup focuses on the small to medium scale of sports sponsorships, motivates athletes and small to medium businesses, and tries to pair them up. She is also currently going through candidacy for an honors project at the University.

Tune in as we speak about:

  • Parker's life before 10 years and how her school experience was
  • How she managed to strike a balance between sports and academics after her parents gave her space to figure it out by herself
  • How and when football become an important part of her life
  • The severe knee injury that almost marked an end to her career
  • Parker's disrupted educational journey at the university
  • Her experience in the navy and her quarter-life crisis
  • The pivotal moments of her journey and what she is currently doing

…and so much more!

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Parker's LinkedIn: Bryany Parker

Parker on Instagram:@bryanyyyp