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Moving to Where My Passion Lies with Bridget Johnston
May 31 2022
Moving to Where My Passion Lies with Bridget Johnston
In today's episode, Ryan chats with Bridget Johnston, a driven and passionate government worker currently in the NSW Government Program as a Policy Officer at the office of the secretary at customer service. Bridget graduated from the University of Sydney in December 2020 with a major in government and International Relations. Whilst completing her degree, she worked as an Electorate Officer, Office Assistant, and Water Polo coach.At 11, Bridget began playing water polo and at 12 she made 1st state team younger and won nationals, fast forward a few years she made her 1st Professional League in water polo at Melbourne. She has also triumphed with a gold medal in the Australian Women’s National League in 2017 and a silver in 2018.Tune in to learn more about:Bridget juggled her sport from age 11 and managed to do well in schoolHow she bridged the gap between the junior and senior world champsNot enjoying water polo and moving from it. Why she picked politics and international relations at the UniversityWhat drew her passion back to water poloWhat was the difference between her 1st water polo career and the current one Her retirement from playing national team to focus on her careerHow she was balancing an excellent emerging career and being a goalkeeperIf she sacrificed other things that she regrets not experiencing…and so much more!Are you looking for Career Clarity for your next step, for more information, or to book a consultancy, make sure you check out 2ndwind.ioLinks:Check out Bridget on LinkedIn: Bridget Jonhston