47. Bob Thomas, President & CEO of the Concrete Masonry & Hardscapes Association (CMHA), on Merging Two Associations and the New Concrete Masonry Checkoff Program

Associations Thrive

Jul 13 2023 • 37 mins

How do two organizations with common members serve the industry better? When does it make sense to merge organizations? How do you ease the transition to a new, unified organization?

In this episode of Associations Thrive, host Joanna Pineda interviews Bob Thomas, President & CEO at Concrete Masonry and Hardscapes Association (CMHA). Bob introduces CMHA, talks about his journey to becoming CEO, and then shares what CMHA is doing to thrive. Bob discusses:

  • How Bob was introduced to the association through a research grant that he received while in graduate school.
  • The merger between NCMA and ICPI: why the two organizations decided to merge, when the discussions started, and how the new CMHA has evolved in the last year.
  • How you merge two organizations that have different legacies, cultures, and offerings to members.
  • The new concrete masonry checkoff program, which Bob and NCMA worked on for nearly a decade.
  • The new checkoff program will provide promotion, research and training to benefit the concrete masonry industry and encourage use and innovations.
  • Hardscape North America, the tradeshow for hardscape contractors, dealers, and landscape professionals!
  • The industry’s focus on sustainability.