Ep. #154 Question of the Year (feat. every podcast guest from 2022!)

Words That Move Me with Dana Wilson

Dec 21 2022 • 44 mins

It’s a Words That Move Me tradition! All of my guests from 2022 will answer the same question.. What is the tool you use the most often? Want to know who's talking? Follow along with our guide below! I would also love to hear from you. What is the tool you use the most often? Enjoy this conversation with all my guests from 2022.

12:11 Liana Blackburn

13:34 Cat Rendic

14:09 Poppin’ Pete

15:40 Michelle Dorrance

16:17 Kara Mack

18:12 Gary Imhof

19:43 Brian Shutters

20:38 Jeff Mortensen

21:29 Maud Arnold

22:28 Geri Brown

22:39 Nikole Vallins

23:35 Michelle De Castro

24:14 Cintra Wilson

25:00 Gary Tacon

25:06 Mindy Pack

25:33 Mandy Moore

26:27 James Alsop

27:57 Brian Friedman

31:17 Brian Nicholson

31:44 Jillian Schmitz

31:54 Jamal Sims

32:36 Asiel Hardison

33:29 Imania Detry

35:54 Toogie

36:30 Mimi Cave

37:05 Kevin Maher

38:04 Jamila Glass

39:11 Katie Schaar

39:35 Ayesha Orange

42:22 Shaun Evaristo

Show Notes:


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